Swallow Systems make and sell educational robots and other equipment.

PIPPIN and PIXIE are programmable vehicles for use in primary schools, nurseries and playgroups. Each is a rectangular box with wheels underneath and a keyboard on top. Children program them to carry out activities such as knocking skittles over or carrying a book across the classroom.

ERIC is a science experiment for units 6G and 4F of the curriculum.

WriteTrack is and aid for learning handwriting skills.

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PIXIE is our table-top size robot for the under-8s.

PIPPIN our new robot to replace PIP.

PIP is our floor robot for 7-12 year-olds. This is no longer available but there is information for PIP users available here.

ERIC is our Electrical Resistance Indicator for the Classroom.

WriteTrack is a tool to help with learning fine motor control and hand/eye coordination for learning handwriting.

DASH FREE 99 is our kit for making a line follower. DASH FREE and associated materials are resources for making your own robots. They are for making hobby robots and entries for the micromouse competitions.


 NEW INFORMATION Here is where to look for the latest updates.

Sometime we do consultancy for other companies. The latest company is Hands on Harps.

Sometimes we sponsor school activities. The current one is WAVE.

MICROMOUSE stuff. This is (more or less) hobby information for those interested in racing robots.

 You can email queries to us at:- sales@swallow.co.uk

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